MFAET on labor mobility survey in Malaita province



MALAITA Provincial Government is grateful to a team from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade (MFAET) that was in the province this week on a survey of labor mobility.

The survey, as reported by acting Premier of Malaita province, Hon Edward Misite’e is to ascertain impacts of labor mobility on individuals, families and communities in the province.

He said during the team’s visit to Auki, a courtesy visit was paid to his office and he was happy to discuss and learn from the team on the survey.

Misite’e said the survey is to go to the people and find-out from them what they like, challenges and benefits encountered or achieved from the mobility program.

He said areas of pursue under the survey include; what they are doing back home when they left the program? Or whether they are applying what they learn from the program at home or not?

Misite’e said program also captured socials impacts experienced on the programs like; divorce (02) and other negative social impacts.

He said the survey was conducted in Auki and its suburb communities.

Meanwhile, Misite’e said MPG is happy to learn on the program and look forward to partner with Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFAET) on the future of the program.

He said MPG is eager to learn on the outcome of the survey’s report, so they can look at how to support the program for the province.

Misite’e added that from the report, MPG will also understand impacts of labor mobility on families, communities and province as a whole.

He reiterated MPG’s commitment to partner with MFAET to support Malaitans on the labor mobility program.

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