The upcoming Government For National Unity and Transformation (GNUT) has set forth five pivotal priority areas to guide its policy agenda.

These areas form the cornerstone of GNUT’s commitment to fostering positive change and advancement across the nation.

Firstly, is the commitment to upholding the rule of law and governance, including strengthening legal and governance systems, party structures, and supporting constitutional reforms and integrity institutions.

Secondly, is the focus on national unity and social cohesion, with plans to draft a federal constitution, continue peace efforts, promote sports and tourism, and empower marginalized groups.

Socio-economic development and prosperity rank third on the agenda, with aims to improve health services, enhance education and training, boost employment, review tax regimes, and support rural sustainable development.

Infrastructure development, both economic and social, is highlighted, covering areas such as communications, transportation, healthcare, education, and sports facilities.

Foreign policy, trade, and national security are also key priorities, with plans to engage strategically with global partners while maintaining strong ties with traditional allies. This includes forging new partnerships in trade, investment, and environmental issues, as well as enhancing border control and defence capabilities through legislative reforms and the creation of a new defence force.

According to their policy priorities, the government also aims to empower land and resource owners through initiatives such as recording customary land, implementing land restitution policies, and recognizing indigenous customs.

It is stated that the government also plans to review major economic projects and ensure strategies are in place to promote, protect, and safeguard land and sea resources.

Overall, their key priorities is said to reflect the government’s commitment to addressing a wide range of issues, from legal and governance reforms to social welfare, economic development, and national security, with a focus on unity, prosperity, and empowerment of its citizens.

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