… Young Davie ready for SABA Tribute show


SOLOMON Islands renowned island music artist and producer, Young Davie is ready for his concert music show this weekend in Papua New Guinea’s capital city, Port Moresby.

The talented hit maker from Isabel Province burst onto the local music scene on December 2003 at the age of 11, following the release of his first album.

Since then, Young Davie or Barata Young; as he is also known; has established himself as a household music name in the Solomon Islands and across the Pacific, through his catchy ‘one-two-three’ beats style of music.

The first-born child of Solomon Islands, music legend, the Late Rolley Bogese or famously known as SABA, it was inevitable that he would not follow his fathers’ love for music.

Graduating with a double major degree in Management and Public Relation with Human Resource Management and Employment Relation from the University of the South Pacific (USP), his music had followed him everywhere.

Always finding a way to juggle music and studies, Young Davie would manage to successfully release six albums, of which two were contracted with third party recording companies in the pacific, during high school to university.

And while doing music part-time and working a job for almost nine years,  his passion and love for the 1-2-3 beats always remained strong and true.

It was only in 2022 that saw the talented Isabel Province musician finally returning full time to writing and producing music.

Influenced by SABA’s music, Young Davie continues to harness his province’s iconic one-two-three beat style of music, into a unique modern catchy rhythm, from his 140 Studio, in Honiara.

His return to full time music production has seen him conjuring up hits after hits as his dominant blaze of trail, continues across the local music airwaves and abroad.

Iconic songs and collaborations like, “Ulawa Flower”, “Choosim Mi”, “Step-Daddy”, “Lele”, “Nogu Daulomani “Look Mist”, “Meri Mortlock” and his latest collab with  fellow local artist, Mi Santana “Lo Kamaosi” continuing to keep his fans hypnotized.  

This Saturday, along with PNG upcoming artist Jahran and the Cool Range Band, Young Davie for the first time, will be performing a concert show at The Cosmopolitan in Port Moresby, to pay tribute to his late father, ‘SABA’ and their music legacy in Papua New Guinea.

With SABA’s hit songs, ‘10-dollar beach’, ‘Florida Girl’, ‘Meri Papua’, ‘Horumai’ ‘Ghema Ge’, ‘Naes Bola’ and many more, very much likely to take fans down memory lane during the show, Young Davie says he is happy to remember and build on to the music legacy his father started.

“Personally, this tribute , I want to give SABA fans, something to remember. Personally, my first trip to PNG, musically was with SABA,” he said.

“So, this tribute show is to like, complete things. I had planned to do a tour last time, but after he passed, I never had a thought to do it. This time I feel it’s the right time for me to must do it.

“SABA made the way and cleared the road for me in music, and  I see this tribute as something, a kind of Thank You and as well as to bring back memories for his fans in PNG who have supported and loved his music.

While he said the tribute show was the company that manages him idea, Gold Entertainment idea, he also feels now is the right time to make such a show for SABA.

“So, my show concert is this Weekend on 14th  October. This is a SABA Tribute Show facilitated by Gold Entertainment and the Cosmopolitan,” he stated.

“Show will be featuring Jarahn. One of  PNGs trending artist and backed by Cool Range Band. First leg will be POM. Second one will be announced soon by Gold Entertainment.

“I will be performing 20 Songs. Ten from SABA and 10 of mine. What to expect is the usual you know mostly positive energy, Island Chemistry and my usual movements, ‘Pattern Up’,” Young Davie said.

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