Taiwan health expert promote healthy diet and lifestyle in Visale School


KAOHSIUNG Medical University Hospital of the Republic of China (Taiwan) has brought new concepts to promote healthy diet and lifestyle to Visale School last week.

The visit to Visale School in west Guadalcanal is part of Taiwan’s health programme in Solomon Islands to control Non Communicable Disease (NCD) and the concept is to promote healthy diet and lifestyle.

KMUH team has visited Solomon Islands for 10 years now and have found both diet and lifestyle begins to affect our health starting at the time of pregnancy and throughout the rest of our lives.

KMUH team pictured with students of the Visale School during the workshop last week.

As part of their ongoing activities, the team successfully conducted a practical two-day health promotion training programme, promotion of healthy diet and lifestyle for growing school children of Visale School.

The event held at Visale community high school on August 9-10 were sponsored by the Taiwan Embassy and Taiwan Health Centre.

During the two-day training workshop, Professor MC (Michele) Huang and dietician HY (Lucy) Liao from Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital (KMUH) emphasised the balanced nutrition provision is critical to prevent under- and over-nutrition.

Professor Huang said amount of foods consumed and choosing balanced and healthy foods are two major problems faced in cities and villages in the Solomon Islands.

Student of the Visale School introduce to concept of balance diet by the KMUH team.

She said, “In appropriate handling of diets may lead to stunted growth for growing children and further development of NCD such as Diabetes and its complications.

“Thus, KMUH experts implemented hand-on practical courses, and participants all worked together instructors to assemble their healthy lunch plates.”

At Visale School students and communities also had the opportunities with the KMUH Nurse PN (Penny) Hsiao and HL (Linda) Liang on measuring blood pressure and to perform heathy gymnastics in order to keep lifestyle healthy and active.

KMU student volunteers, YS Jhong, ZI Yan, ZN Yu and TY Liu, also demonstrated hygiene practice to protect hand, oral, foods as well as Dengue fever for general population.

Principal of Visale Community High School, Mr Franklyn Kakate said such training is very practical in rural areas of Solomon to assist in maintaining healthy lifestyle and building up a healthy-eating environment for school.

Alice, HY, Hsu, leader of Taiwan Health Center and Rickson Saukoron, school inspector, Ministry of Education, have assisted in coordinating cooperation between Taiwan experts and Visale School.

(Left to Right) Professor Huang and a local with a staff from the KMUH

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