Illegal betel-nut vending continues

By Ezekiel Talatau

IT’S been two weeks since awareness by Youth@work and Friends Of The City, supporting the litter ordinance, enforced by the Honiara city council (HCC).

Today, as you walking through the streets of Honiara, the Illegal vendors street sellers are again selling betel-nuts without a fear.

One of the street sellers, who wanted to be anonymous, told Island Sun that most of them struggle to make a living and by selling betel nut in the street is what they earn.

If the HCC think about addressing our issue as a street sellers, they should find a good site for us to do our selling, he said.

Health Inspector, Mr George Titiulu has been reported to Island Sun several times that they are still looking for a proper site for betel nut sellers in Honiara.

The International Solomon Island forum have reported about the illegal betel nuts sellers at the Central market areas are repeatedly.

It’s uncontrollable now and the need for HCC to make action is a must, said John Tago.

He added that, those street people selling in the street are struggle as we people working in the office.

The authority need to find a good spot for the people to sale in a good area that can be monitored, he said.

Titiulu has also reported that, the Chinese shops should take responsible to locals, selling betel nuts in front of their shops.

He added, within the seven metre of your premises by law of manor litter ordinance, if they are not responsible, HCC will cease up your business licence.

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