Solomon Sheet Steel supports NRH with medical ward extension


Landscape view of the new extension of the medical ward which are funded by the Solomon Sheet Steel Ltd.

THE Solomon Sheet Steel limited has funded $1.2million towards the National Referral Hospital’s medical ward extension which is currently under construction.

Walk past the NRH corridor towards, Medical ward, there is a building construction meant for the extension of medical ward funded personally by Jason Lee and family of the Solomon Sheet Steel Ltd.

The building structured as extension of medical ward if completed contained new 25 beds, conference and teaching room and nursing and storage area.

Chief Executive Officer for the National Referral Hospital Dr Steve Aumanu said the building is funded by Mr Jason Lee and family, the owners of the Solomon Sheet Steel Ltd.

He explained in their budget to build the building is worth $1.5 million and NRH is fortunate enough the family is putting in $1.2 million.

Aumanu said cost Solomon Sheet Steel donate includes labours, construction cost and it is the government will be working up on putting $300,000 towards this building to cover the total project of $1.5 million.

Aumanu said, “We so happy and greatly thankful for this donation from such a generous Solomon Islander family that have given us this that is in progress—once it finish they handover the key.”

He said equipment has been ordered especially beds, and it was from the PAN Oceanic Bank including some other medical equipment for the extension.

“We are so grateful that this family can provide a real donation in a form of building which we acquire at this time of the hospital.

“Population is growing and disease is changing and the hospital does not have enough spaces and we always looking for bed space and this will add 25 more beds and some more beds for the medical ward is a bonus.”

The construction is expected to be completed by mid-next year.

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