Suspected protesters case mention in court


DEFENDANT Sade who charged with one count of Sedition Act, one count of involving in unlawful assembly and one count of arson of mine appeared yesterday in court before Presiding Magistrate.

Kwate’e pleaded not guilty to the charge following commencement of his trial yesterday at Magistrate Court.

After Ms. Luza who appeared for the Crown complete her case defence counsel for the defendant Mr. Harunari applied for no case to case.

Presiding Principal Magistrate delivered her ruling on the last mention of the matter and yesterday she informs both parties in the court that, she is yet to finalize the oral ruling by providing written copy to both parties on later date.

Court suspended to 2 November 2023 and bail extended for the defendant Kwate’e.

It was alleged on the 24th November 2021, Kwate’e led a group of people to protest at the Parliament House for the Prime Minister to step down.

Further alleged that, on the following day on the 25th of November, he assembled a group of people and procured them to set fire to the Naha Police Station.

This happens during the three days of violence in Honiara which left Chinatown destroyed and business houses and shops in Honiara looted and set on fire.

Naha Police Station was looted and also set on fire, but fortunately was put out by the Naha Community.

The violence flashed by the protestors who against the Government decision to switch tries from Taiwan to China.

Three days of violence started on 24th November 2021 saws looting and arson of business houses and shops.

Three people died.

Around 200 peacekeepers from Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea were deployed to Honiara to help restore law and order.

Office of Public Prosecution appears for the Crown and Public Solicitor officer appear for the Defence.

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