Minister Tanangada unveils Education Act 2023


MINISTER of Education and Human Resources Development, Lanelle Tanangada, emphasizes the transformative impact of the Education Act 2023 on shaping the educational landscape.

The Act serves as a modernized framework aimed at enhancing access to, quality, and management of early childhood, primary, and secondary education, along with elevating the teaching profession.

Minister Tanangada said the Education Act 2023 aspires to cultivate an education system fostering an understanding and critical appreciation of moral, spiritual, religious, social, and cultural values pivotal in shaping Solomon Islands society. These values, recognized and respected within the community, underscore the Act’s commitment to promoting cultural identity and societal harmony.

She said the Act is dedicated to instilling values and attitudes that contribute to societal well-being, nurturing personal identity, self-esteem, and an awareness of one’s abilities and limitations. Moreover, it endeavors to ensure equal educational opportunities for all, particularly addressing the needs of the disadvantaged through comprehensive support encompassing economic, social, physical, and mental factors.

She also highlighted the key objectives of the Act include the development of intellectual skills, encouraging a spirit of inquiry, and fostering critical analysis of issues. It aims to instill qualities of self-reliance, innovation, initiative, and imagination among students, equipping them not only for personal success but also for meaningful contributions to the country’s economic development.

The Act focuses on creating citizens characterized by tolerance, responsibility, care, and political awareness, well-versed in their rights and responsibilities. It underscores the importance of nurturing an acute awareness of national heritage, identity, and a profound respect for the environment among young Solomon Islanders.

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