Man sentence by court to fine $1,450 for using unlicensed Motor Vehicle


MATA Mae a 52 year old was charged for one count of using unlicensed motor vehicle one count of uninsured motor vehicle of third party insurance, one count of driving a motor vehicle without a driver’s license and one count of taking vehicle without authority of the owner.

Defendant presents in court yesterday before Magistrate Pauline Smith Taroimae and pleaded guilty to all four counts charged upon him by Police accordingly.

Prosecution informs the court that this is a fresh matter and defendant informs the court he will represent himself regarding his case in the court yesterday.

Court after hearing from both parties the charges, mitigating and aggravating factors provided to court by the prosecution and defendant himself, Court then sentenced the defendant to paid a fine of $ 1,450 dollars for penalty unit before due date on 17 November 2023 at 3 pm in the afternoon.

If the defendant did not pay the fine by the due date court orders, he will in default for 2 months imprisonment.

Court off the view that, this sentence will help defendant to learn from his mistake and this fine to teach him lesson not to commit such offence again in the future and shows seriousness of such offence.

Prosecution alleged that, on 5 October 2023 at half 11 am in the morning defendant Mata Mae was driving a motor vehicle to wit Silver Touareg Rav 4 registration no T -0507 along the Kukum Highway road in front Panatina Campus bus stop.

The traffic officers were at the time was mounting a traffic check on unlicensed motor vehicle and unlicensed drivers. The said vehicle was sighted and diverted into the checking bay for check. Upon checking that vehicle its vehicle license was already expired on 31st December 2021 and later that said vehicle was escorted to Kukum Traffic Centre for dealings.

Upon the arrival at the station by conformations in JIMS the vehicle license was expired on 31 December 2021 and the insurance also expired on 21 October 2022. As the name of the driver check through JIMS there is no record of his driver’s license.

The same day the owner called in at the station and gives his statement for not allowing his vehicle to be driven out by anyone. Later the defendant Mae formally charged and dealt with accordingly.

Police Prosecution appears for the Crown and defendant Mata Mae appear for himself.

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