Stop bullying provincial governments: Wickham


OUTSPOKEN leader of Western Province, Jeffrey Wickham has called on the central Government to stop bullying provincial governments.

He said all the regulations and requirements placed to provincial government not only hinder provinces to progress but also affect the core function of provinces to serve their people.

“I’m quite dumbfounded with all these requirements. For example, the regulation on financial compliance requirements.

“Provinces have done their best year in and year out to fulfill this requirement. Failure to do so means provincial governments will be penalized.

“Provinces will not be entitled to some of the funds under the Ministry of Provincial Government.

“This requirement or regulation is a clear example of action taken by the central government to derive provinces from their ambitions,” Wickham said.

He said such regulations or compliance should also be enforced to all government ministries.

“While provinces are subjected to this regulation, I see no reason as to why government ministries are pardoned to do the same.

“What I’m trying to say is that, Government Ministries and other State Own Enterprises must also produce their audit report every year.

“I’m certain that Government Ministries and SOE are worse than province when comes to misuse of funds,” Wickham said.

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