Manele Nominated for Prime Minister’s Post


THE Member of Parliament for Hograno Katova Kia Havulei constituency, Jeremiah Manele, has agreed to run for Prime Minister as the candidate of the Coalition of National Unity and Transformation.

Manele the former Foreign Affairs Minister and External Trade says he is willing and able to carry on the responsibilities to lead the nation forward and well aware of the challenges ahead, but expresses confidence in the policies and solidarity forged by the coalition.

He thanked the leaders of the Coalition Party for entrusting him with this significant responsibility.

 “Together, we stand united in our commitment to building a future that reflects the dreams of our ancestors,” he said.

Manele highlighted the confidence in the coalition’s policies and solidarity, noting the electorate’s endorsement by electing them into Parliament. He humbly requests that MPs exercise their rights without fear or favor.

Acknowledging the caretaker Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare, for his leadership during the 11th Parliament, Manele pays tribute to his predecessor’s dedication.

 “I commend the strong leadership of our caretaker Prime Minister,” Manele said.

Manele also highlighted the significance of unity and stability in nation-building, that they are not merely abstract concepts but the foundation upon which prosperous nations are built.

“Unity fosters a sense of belonging and promotes cooperation among diverse communities, while stability provides the framework for progress and transformation, attracting investments and ensuring peaceful coexistence.

“Together, they form the cornerstone of prosperous and resilient societies, where citizens can thrive and realize their full potential.” Manele said.

Manele also urges citizens of the Solomon Islands to pray for a peaceful election of the new Prime Minister and reiterates his commitment to leading the nation towards unity and transformation.

Meanwhile, Caretaker Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare remarks that Manele is no stranger; he was a career public servant who rose through the ranks of public service and was once Secretary to the Prime Minister before assuming elected office.

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