PIF Secretary General, Henry Puna
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Forum recognises our young people as strong advocates at COP26 & COP27


PACIFIC Islands Forum Secretary General, Henry Puna has acknowledged the young people of Solomon Islands to be strong advocates as youth climate champions, at the COP26 and COP27.

COP 26 was held at the SEC Centre in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, from October 31 to November 13, 2021.

While, the recent COP 27 was held in held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt from November 6 until November 20, 2022.

Speaking to media in a joint press conference with Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Jeremiah Manele in Honiara last Thursday, Puna said he was really encouraged by the participation of our young people, because all the work that they do in climate change is for their sake.

“Isn’t it?

“We want to leave the world behind the same way even better the way we found it,” he said.

Puna said that is the least that they have to do for their young people.

“So, thank you to the young people of Solomon Islands for being so active advocates in assisting us spread our message on the global forum.

“In this particular regard, I want to acknowledge the young champion, Gladys Habu, who have been with us in Glasgow in COP 26, and also with us at the Ocean Conference in Lisbon, last June,” he said.

Puna said she (Habu) is an excellent advocate not just for the Solomon Islands but for our region.

“You should be proud of her,” he added.

Furthermore, Puna is happy to see Australia come on board and align her policies on the concerns of climate change in the region.

He said climate change is an existential threat that they have all acknowledge and accept as the greatest threat to our region.

“And we have been pushing and pushing very hard and we will continue to push.

“We starting to see ray of sunshine but there is still a lot of work to do,” he said.

However, Puna said but the comfort to him is the fact that Australia is now starting to come onboard and align the policies with the concerns that they have expressed as a region.

“So, I want to congratulate the Australia Government for the new change that they are bringing about so that they are more align with the concerns that we the Pacific states have experienced and have continue to experience,” he added.

Puna has left the country last Thursday after choosing Solomon Islands as a first stop over to meet with Heads of Government, officials, civil society and private sectors.