PIMEU team assists WPG with its policy


POLICY, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (PIMEU) officials from the Prime Minister’s Office last week paid a courtesy visit to the Premier of Western Province.

The team also assisted the Western Provincial Government formulate its policy.

This followed a request made by Western Provincial Assembly and the Premier’s Office to the Prime Minister’s office.

“It was a successful discussion. We have discussed couples of subjects and has reached a fruitful resolution,” Special Secretary to the Prime Minister, Albert Kabui said.

He said the aim and objective of the discussion was to align national policies with the policy of Western Province.

Albert said the policy will provide a clear path for Western Province’s Appropriation Budget 2023/2024 which will be tabled in March this year.

He explained that policy formulation and prioritization is important to draft the province’s budget as well as aligning national budgets and allocation to sectors that affiliate with provincial developments and services deliveries.

“What happen during our meeting was, Western Provincial Assembly seeking clarification on government policies especially priorities of different sectors within the national government.

“We have fundamental sector, productive sector and service sector. These sectors are vital organ of the central government adding aligning provinces’ policies to achieve the overall mission, vision and objectives of these sectors will not only bring positive outcome for the central government but also enhance service delivery and production sectors in the provinces.

“This is where both the central government and provincial government policies must be aligned,” Kabui said.

He adds that discussions during the meeting have been centered towards infrastructure development, Federal system, Human Resource development and land reform.

“From a practical point of view, it is important to align policies but it is equally important that there are human resources to implement the policies.

“The same goes to other development ambitions, for example; cooperation is needed to carry out infrastructure development, land reform and the much talked about federal system,” Kabui said.

He said the best take away from the meeting was the assurance between Western Province and the Prime Minister’s office to establish greater cooperation going forward.

Kabui said Choiseul Province is also looking at the same procedure and his team is likely to have discussion with the Premier and executive of the province later.

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