SI and regional journos on labour and mobility training


Group photo of participants attending the first day of the training.

JOURNLAISTS from Solomon Islands and other Pacific Island countries have done training on labour mobility economic reporting in masterclass to improve the quality of economic reporting.

Addressing the opening ceremony yesterday, president of the Media Association in Solomon Islands (MASI) Charles Kadamana said MASI office really appreciates PACMAS to work in partnership with MASI to provide such training.

Kadamana said this workshop is essential for journalists in Solomon Islands and the Pacific as it will enhance the understanding of the principles of economic reporting as well it will improve the quality of economic reporting on labour mobility.

He said it’s a sole responsibility for journalists to report on the economic development of his/her country.

Kadamana said it is also vital for journalists to have increase understanding of what labour mobility is.

“As journalists we have to increase and understand more of what is labour mobility so I hope after this workshop on labour mobility the journalist will go out and be Able to report on this,” he said.

Kadamana said on this workshop it will also create professionals networks between journalists and masterclass subjects experts to enhance quality.

Louise Ellerton, Second Secretary Australia High Commission Honiara on behalf of the Australian government said it’s really wonderful to have PACMAS training here this week based on Labour mobility economic reporting.

Ellerton said the Australian government is the prior supporter of both PACMAS and also labour mobility.

She said they are cofounding this event with the Solomon Islands government and also New Zealand

Ellerton uttered this reflects the commitment of all three governments to labour mobility.

She adds its first time for Pacific Island countries has hosted the meeting in which it is a milestone for the Pacific and Solomon Islands in particular.

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