‘No quality education if there is no quality teacher’



Chief Education Officer of Malaita Province Mr. Andy Siarana

CHIEF Education Officer for Malaita province Mr Andy Siarani urges teachers that if there is no quality teacher there will be no quality education seen in our schools.

He made this statement during the official closing of this year’s world teachers day celebration in Auki last Friday.

He challenges teachers to question themselves if they are providing the much needed service in the classroom, and whether that service is of quality which would produce the much needed manpower in the future.

“We are the role models that influence our children to become good citizens of this country in the near future.

“Yet still and very importantly what legacies do we leave in the hearts of our children.

“Have we been doing well in our profession as teachers and have we fulfilled the requirements expected of us by our stakeholders.

“The basic principle here is access, management and quality.

“Have we got enough school to cater for basic education and are there enough senior schools to cater for the broad based school population.

“Do we have the quality man power to deliver the quality managers who could manage this whole episode.

“We are the John Baptists in our millennium we paved the way to better future leaders who would be our successors.

“We should also take time to appreciate our predecessors for what we are experiencing now in our education system and the education of our children.

“Had it not for their smart input into our education system we would not have been what we are now today. But let us not be content with our current system. We need to put more effort into creating a more robust education system that should drive us further.”

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