Former Mayor calls for calm ahead of PM election

The former Mayor of Honiara City Council (HCC) and Councilor-Elect for Rove/Lengakiki, Eddie Kasuteé Siapu has appealed to public and all residents of Honiara City to respect the law and allow a peaceful and calm election of the Prime Minister tomorrow.

“As electors, we elected our Members of Parliament on April 17, 2024 to represent us in the national parliament, the supreme law-making legislature in the country. We have given our mandate to our elected representatives. Our elected representatives will elect the Prime Minister. As electors, we must respect the choice and decision of our respective Member of Parliament,” the former Mayor said.

He appealed to all community leaders, church leaders, and family heads to ensure members of the community, church, and family understand and respect the election of the Prime Minister by the elected MPs.

Siapu uttered that while members of the public and residents may have different views, thus, we must respect the choice and decision of our respective Members of Parliament.

“I want us to accept the choice and decision of our Members of Parliament and accept whoever is elected as the new Prime Minister of our beloved country, Solomon Islands. We must respect the laws and respect each other,” he said.


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