Meriblouse initiative hands over items to NRH

By Indy Maealasia

The Meriblouse Initiative, a Honiara-based Papua New Guinea women’s group handed over gifts to the National Referral Hospital’s (NRH) Oncology Unit on Wednesday.

A laptop, projector and stand banner were gifted to the ward in an effort to assist them in raising awareness to tackle cancer.

Upon receiving the gifts, Oncology Ward’s Coordinator, Dr Andrew Soma acknowledged the help the Initiative have given towards the unit in the previous year.

With the kind gesture of gifts, he explained how these items would be of great assistance towards their fight against cancer.

“These are the important items we wanted for a while. Sometimes we borrow laptops or projector before we could carry out awareness, other times, we just head out and only have discussions. This will be an important part of the prevention awareness since awareness is more affordable compared to treatments,” Soma said.

Addressing the staff of the Oncology unit, Meriblouse Initiative’s founder, Kathy Havea spoke on how the initiative hope the gifted items would greatly assist them.

“We hope these will help you to prevent cancer and to reduce the number of breast cancer, cervical cancer and prostate cancer as some of us have also lost loved ones to this disease,” Mrs Havea added.

The Meriblouse Initiative was formed in 2022 with the primary goal to spread awareness on breast cancer.

For the past year they raised $20,000 which was used to purchase the items gifted to the unit.

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