Ward president calls for gov’t action on key issues


Mrs. Laheni Sasabule, the Ward President for Lambete to Baeroko (Ward 15) in the West New Georgia and Vonavona constituency, has brought forward pressing concerns for the attention of the new government.

She emphasizes the urgent need to address mental health disorders and promote inclusive education.

In an exclusive interview with, Mrs. Laheni Sasabule, representing Ward 15 in West New Georgia and Vonavona constituency, highlighted two critical issues plaguing her community, mental health disorders and inclusive education.

As a woman leader and mother, Sasabule expressed alarm over the rising incidence of mental health disorders among youth in rural areas, attributing much of it to the escalating abuse of illegal drugs.

She stressed that this not only affects individual well-being but also destabilizes families and communities.

Sasabule urged the government to collaborate with local leaders to establish a dedicated rehabilitation center to address this growing crisis.

Furthermore, Sasabule emphasized the importance of inclusive education, noting that many families struggle to afford schooling for their children due to financial constraints.

She appealed to the new government to devise strategies that would ensure equal access to education for all children, regardless of their economic circumstances.

Sasabule’s call to action underscores the need for concerted efforts to safeguard mental health and promote educational equity in Lambete to Baeroko and beyond.

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