Premier called to stop politicising land in Tulagi


PRESIDENT of People’s Power Association of South Gela is calling on Central Islands Premier, Patrick Vasuni to stop politicising land allocation in Tulagi town.

Mr John Visivisi explained to Island Sun that his land in Tulagi which he plans to utilise for tourism development was handled by Mr Vasuni.

He said Vasuni and his executive made an illegal allocation of his land which he referred to as “Lot 401” to another individual in 2017.

Visivisi expressed that this has caused disturbance to his development plans for a tourism project and also creates confusion for both parties.

He said that as head and chairman of the executive government, Vasuni should advise his executive members to follow the right process when it comes to dealing with crown land in Tulagi.

Speaking to the paper, Vasuni stressed that he does not act alone when it comes it allocating land in Tulagi so it is improper for Visivisi to say that his is politicising land in Tulagi.

More importantly, he voiced that in the case of land allocation, there is a process that is followed where the planning division is involved in carrying out important tasks such as land verification and map checks before executive is advised.

Vasuni furthered that since Lot 401 is currently a legal matter, it is too early for Visivisi to go to the media and make such statements.

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