Ubuna landowner calls for police action


A landowner from Ubuna village, Makira-Ulawa province is calling for the police to address a serious matter that occurred on May 3.

Mr Joe Lui explained to the paper that, a group of landowners had placed a blockade to avoid a logging operation entry into a concession area.

However, he said the landowner’s demonstration of disagreement did not go well with the Asians as one of them destroyed the blockade which caused one of the landowners to retaliate and assault the Asian.

Mr Lui stressed that the matter became more intense when the Asian headed back to the camp only to return with more Asian workers who were armed with knives and sticks.

He said that after searching for the local and failing to locate him, they took the matter into their own hands by placing tying ropes around his house and pulling it down with a loader and land cruiser.

Mr Lui brands the act as “criminal” and a matter that should not be tolerated.

He added that while both sides should be charged, the case involving the house should be dealt with by the law because it is very serious.

Mr Lui mentioned that although police were deployed on that day, for them to be deployed at the camp than the village is sending landowners a different message and wave of suspicion.

He strongly calls on the police to address the matter, noting that if no action is taken then this is corruption.

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