Man told to find lawyer


THE court has told a man alleged of assaulting a police officer while executing his duties to find a lawyer to assist him.

Peter Lebia Paumani is facing charges of possessing weapon in a restricted place and assault on a police officer while in execution of his duties.

Paumani was alleged of assaulting a police officer at the Mendana Avenue while executing his duty on April 6 this year.

Police said that the accused was drunk and tried to stop vehicles travelling along the Mendana Avenue, and at that time the officer was at the bus stop and observed the behaviour of the accused.

While the officer observed the accused, a public bus stopped and the bus conductor came out and called out for passengers at the Mendana bus stop.

Suddenly the accused went to the bus conductor and slapped him. It was at that time the police officer approached him and tried to ask why he slapped the conductor.

It is alleged when the officer approached him he refused and slapped the officer; it was at that time he was arrested and remanded in custody.

On the previous occasion the accused asked the court for bail but since he has no lawyer to assist him the court adjourned the case for yesterday.

Yesterday he again asked for another bail but the court refused as he is yet to secure a lawyer to assist him.

The case was then adjourned to May 15 for mention and also for the accused to confirm to the court whether he has already secured a lawyer for his case.

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