Police in Western province ready to be deployed ahead of polling day


WESTERN Province Police geared up for deployment across nine constituencies ahead of polling day.

Provincial Police Commander of Western Province Mathias Lenialu revealed during the interview with Island Sun that his officers are fully prepared to be deployed across the Western Province alongside officers from Honiara and Regional partners.

PPC Lenialu highlighted officers will station at the polling stations within the nine constituencies in the Western Province.

He said officers have been strategically zoned under four sectors, with forward commanders appointed to oversee the operations effectively.

Lenialu is confident that the situation in the Western Province will remain peaceful, allowing citizens to exercise their democratic rights without any fear or intimidation.

He also assured that the police force is equipped to handle any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the electoral process. However, in the event of situations beyond their control, additional support can be sent from Honiara.

According to Lenialu, the current situation in the province is relatively calm, with only a few minor misunderstandings among supporters, but of election campaigns.

“It was just the height of the election campaigns, with no serious concerns regarding the security of the electoral process.” Lenialu said.

He also said around 200 officers will deploy across the Western Province.

As the polling day draws nearer, the readiness of the police force in the Western Province highlights their commitment to ensuring a smooth and peaceful democratic exercise for all citizens.

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