Police gets tough on betel nut vendors

Police advicing the vendors to stop selling betel nut at Buni area
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GIZO Police have questioned betel nut vendors at Buni area yesterday as part of curbing selling of betel nut in public places.

The situation attracted the public who have mixed feeling about the regulation against selling of betel nut.

Few bystanders sympathized with the vendors while majority support police’s action due to risk of COVID-19.

One bystander said the current situation has put the society and law against each other.

“We understand that there are COVID-19 regulations to minimise the spread of the disease, but on the other hand, these regulations are threatening people’s livelihood. Looking at the scenario now, it seems to me that these vendors are trying their best to find income to help their families but the law says otherwise.

“I’m not a lawyer, but from what I saw today, we need to balance regulations with people’s livelihood,” the by-stander said. 

Over the weekend, Gizo police sealed the area with barbwire to stop vendors from selling betel nut.

Island Sun understand that late last month, Gizo police through advises from Western Provincial Executive and Provincial Disaster Operation Committee made a clean sweep on vendors selling betel nut next to Gizo market.

The operation also extended to Buni area. Tables confiscated during the operation were burnt and disposed at Gizo rubbish dump.

At the moment, no single betel vendors can be seen at Gizo business districts.