Renbel public decry Sore’s engagement

Former Honiara City Council Clerk Rence Sore. Photo: Charles Kadamana
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MANY public in Rennell and Bellona have opposed the appointment of former Honiara City Council clerk, Rence Sore as a new political advisor/consultant.

They lashed out their frustration on Renbel Forum on Facebook given the many allegations of corruptions in Sore’s previous jobs.

This when he was the former permanent secretary in the past governments, Special Secretary to Prime Minister and HCC clerk

The Renbel public believed if he works for the province, there is high chance of him corrupting the province as well.

However, Lence Tango, Deputy Premier and Minister of Works, Transport, Marine, Civil Aviation and Communication, said it was an executive decision to appoint Sore to develop the policy and translation document.

Tango said Sore is given a three months contract to formulate the policy and translation document because he is the best man for the job.

He said his contract is expected to end in March.

In addition, Tango said the province leaves any case against Sore to the court to deal with it.

He claimed if Sore is a criminal, he should be spending time in jail.

“As far I know, he (Sore) won his case at HCC over all the allegations and Council still to pay him on $2.7 million,” he said.

However, HCC said the court case with Sore is pending in High Court.

“We have not received any judgement at the moment,” HCC said.

Furthermore, another Councilor claimed all the allegations against the former clerk was filed with the Police but no action to date.