Peace Ark medical service in SI record breaking


PEACE Ark Chinese navy hospital ship medical services recently provided in Solomon Islands was a record breaker for the ship’s history.

That is according to an official statement released by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Solomon Islands.

“The Ship’s medical service in Solomon Islands was another record breaking in its service history. Within seven days, a total number of 10, 310 people in Solomon Islands had received medical treatment from the floating hospital,” the PRC’s official statement said.

The statement stressed that in terms of surgical operations 31 surgical operations were administered on-board the ship and 13 field medical teams were dispatched to communities.

Ambassador to the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Solomon Islands Ming Li upon the arrival of the Chinese hospital ship on the 19th of August said, for this visit they have brought first-class expert teams.

“The 126 medical personnel who are to attend to the local patients are not only established and experienced clinical experts, but also professors from China’s Naval Medical University. Some of our clinical departments are top-ranking in China, such as traditional Chinese medicine, gynecology and obstetrics and endocrinology.

“The visit of Ark Peace is an epitome of the friendship between China and Solomon islands. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries, the bilateral relation has made strides forward, standing at the forefront of China’s relations with pacific island countries and has been upgraded to comprehensive strategic partnership featuring mutual respect and common development for a new era,” Li said.

Deputy Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga on the same event echoed that whilst embracing the arrival of the service and services it provides, he is thankful for leaders, government officials and ordinary citizens for the equal opportunity to do medical check-ups and surgery on board.

“We acknowledge the shared commitment of our nations to upholding peace, stability, and mutual understanding. The ship is a testament to the power of international partnerships in addressing humanitarian crises, promoting public health, and fostering cultural exchange,” Maelanga said.

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