High demand to fill aged-care jobs in Australia


Government is calling for nurses to fill up around 300 jobs available in aged-care services in Australia.
This opportunity is also open to the 158 nurses who were commissioned last week.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade (MFAET) says the 300 nurses will join the labour mobility scheme under this particular service.
Commissioner for Trade MFAET Barret Saloto said:
“We are looking at recruiting 300 nurses to deliver age-care services.
“We already have selected 75 nurses and now we are looking to including another 25.
“But on our list we want 300 onboard,” Saloto said.
He said with the newly graduated 158 nurses not all of them will secure jobs here in the country and so the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) “has the data on who are currently on the job and those who graduated from their training and not in the formal job”.
“Thus, they [MHMS] gave us the list of 300 nurses that are available to join the labour mobility scheme and so they will go through the same process like everyone else went through for instance these selected Nurses must go through this training.
“We will ensure that health are health workers and the services that they deliver to our people in the country is maintained and so we have been working (MFAET) closely with MHMS to ensure proper recruitment process happened.
“The concern for our health workers would be having no nurses left behind to provide health services back in the country.
“But I don’t think it will become a big issue because it will be addressed by the responsible authorities,” he said.

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