NRH in need of more surgeons


Dr Li performing an operation for breast cancer with Dr. Scott

WHILE there are very good surgeons at the National Referral Hospital (NRH), we need more surgeons as this is one of the challenges experienced at the hospital.

The above was expressed by resident doctor from Taiwan, Dr Chung-Liang Li from Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital’s (KMUH) Division of Breast Surgery who came to provide his services at NRH for the month of October.

He said while working at the hospital he has observed some obstacles which are the lack of space, equipment and not enough number of surgeons.

Dr Li stresses that the first challenge is that the operation room is not big enough and when combined with at times, the shortage of equipment and surgeons, operations can be delayed.

He mentioned that while the surgeons are very good the hospital is still in need of more of them.

Li who will conclude his journey on Oct 31 also left a word of advice for local surgeons at the National Referral Hospital.

Initially, he says the work of a surgeon is very tiring, a task where one has to take care of a person and perform surgery.

Nevertheless, Li said after surgery, a surgeon must understand the case and data of his or her patient so that it can be of help when treating the next patient whose case may be relatable to the first.

He adds that the surgeons should also take the time to collect data from their patients, read and make comparisons with data from other countries to know about other methods that are applied to deal with a case similar to theirs.

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