Plans for next UN deployment underway

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POLICE Commissioner Matthew Varley revealed yesterday that they are working on plans for future RSIPF deployment to the United Nations peacekeeping mission.

Mr Varley said they have strong support and commitment from the Solomon Islands Government that UN deployment mission is a worthwhile contribution by RSIPF to the world stage.

He said the second deployment group came back on Tuesday this week while the third group is still in Dafur.

He said yesterday they had the privilege to welcome back the four officers, this was the second RSIPF to UN mission since they started sending officers to the UN mission back in 2017.

The officers returned back on Tuesday after spending 12 months in Dafur with the UN Mission, Varley said.

A parade was hosted to welcome back the officers at the Rove Police Headquarters and the four returning officers were presented with the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force international Law Enforcement Cooperation medal.

“This is a commissioner’s medal that recognises the service of our officers in designated overseas mission including the UN.

“It is a very proud moment for us to welcome home these officers and presented them with that award.” Varley said

He said the important thing is the organization recognised their service on behalf of the people of the people of Solomon islands they have been flying the Solomon Islands flag in the UN.

He also said that there are three officers currently in the UN mission in Dafur and those three left in May this year and their 12 month term will lap in May 2019.

“We have come a long way since the end of RAMSI and it’s an opportunity for Solomon Islands and RSIPF to give back to the world stage and our service has been recognised and it is our contribution to National Security,” Varley said.