Continuous drink driving cases frustrate police

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POLICE Commissioner Matthew Varley has again reminded drivers to be responsible.

He said last week 232 cars were checked and 17 drivers were found to be over the legal limit of alcohol in their blood.

He said the report makes him angry and sad that those drivers are still not getting the message seriously.

Mr Varley said innocent lives have taken due to drink and drive offences and he said it seems that drivers do not care about the loss of lives caused by careless drink-drivers.

He said police alone cannot deal with the issue but families and friends must be responsible, “if you see your friend or your family going into a car drunk and wanted to drive step in and take off the keys”.

“Remind and educate all drivers to avoid accidents, 17 drivers last week with presence of alcohol in their blood is high and people must start to realise that if you are and driving a vehicle will cost some innocent lives.

“Therefore be responsible don’t drink and drive,” Mr Varley said.