NRH emergency mode to be reviewed next month


The emergency mode at the national referral hospital (NRH) will be reviewed next month.

Minister of Health Dr Culwick Togamana said NRH’s emergency mode will continue for another month before the review.

Togamana explains that while in emergency mode, they are also aware of the demand for health care services mainly for underlying conditions such as Non-communicable Diseases.

“Thus we continue to provide support as much as possible,” he said.

Togamana confirmed, “This emergency mode will remain inforce for another month before it is reviewed.”

Dr George Malefoasi, chief executive officer of NRH also confirmed the situation has improved “so the hospital is slowly, bit by bit, reintroducing other non-Covid health care services”.

“Surgical department have started to see their chronic and referral cases for follow up as well as screening patients booked for operations, if see fit.

“Paediatricians have also recommenced as of yesterday (22/02/2020) including Cancer unit whom have started seeing their patients and providing treatment.

“The number of patients to be reviewed be limited to 10-15 as the situation is monitored,” Malefoasi said.

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