China boosts Solomon Islands public order management

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force has been boosted with Public Order Management equipment following the formal handing over of the much-needed gear by the Peoples Republic of China in Honiara yesterday.

Witnessing the handover and a demonstration by Chinese Police Liaison Officers are Police Minister Anthony Veke, Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau, PRC Ambassador Li Ming and China Police Liaison Team leader, Commissioner Zhang and senior officials of both governments.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 2019, the Ministry of Public Security of China has maintained sound cooperative relations with Royal Solomon Islands Police building on areas of common interest and support.

At the request of the Solomon Islands Government following the November riots in Honiara, the Ministry of Public Security of China dispatched a Police Liaison Team consisting of 9 members to assist the RSIPF and also planned to provide a series of police equipment.

The first batch of police equipment arrived recently, including 19 kinds and 18,000 pieces with a total value of about 9.86 million RMB, consisting of five categories including uniforms, protective equipment, dispersive equipment, and restrictive equipment and warning equipment.

In addition to the hardware equipment, China police will also actively promote three assisting projects, namely the Digital Mobile Radio Communication System for Honiara, the Forensic Autopsy Laboratory and the “I-24/7” Interpol Communication System. The three projects will effectively promote the police in communications security, criminal investigation and investigation cooperation.

In recent years, with the increase of economic and trade exchanges between China and Solomon Islands, more and more Chinese citizens came to Solomon Islands to engage in infrastructure construction, business activities, tourism and cultural exchanges. Chinese citizens and Chinese enterprises expect a safe and stable social environment in Solomon Islands.

The RSIPF is a loyal, dedicated and disciplined team under the leadership of Minister Anthony Veke and PC Mostyn Mangau making great efforts in maintaining social stability, especially during the riots last year and the epidemic prevention and control this year.

Besides providing police assistance, the China Police Liaison Team will also conduct training for RSIPF, including the use of equipment, police techniques and tactics, public order management and riot control and close personnel protection amongst others.

“We will exchange with RSIPF in different fields and various level, learn from each other, and support each other. We will fully help RSIPF to improve operational capability, to keep peace and security, to protect citizens of different countries including Chinese citizens in SI. We also are planning to extend communication and cooperation with RSIPF, to establish long-term and stable bilateral law enforcement cooperation serving the people of both countries,” Commissioner Zhang said.


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