Kenilorea reminds MPs they themselves could be corrupt

Shadow foreign minister Peter Kenilorea Junior has reminded members of parliament (MP) that “no one is above the law”.

Member of Parliament for East Are’Are Kenilorea Jr echoed this sentiment to remind MPs that they should not point fingers at criminals when they themselves might be involved in actions that are perceived to be corrupt, at the very least.

Kenilorea made this statement in response to the Governor General’s Speech from the Throne in Parliament, Monday last week.

The Governor General in his speech last week made one particular reference in terms of the challenges that we face and that we cannot continue to claim to be a democratic country when we do not respect the rule of law and the principles of representative democracy.

Kenilorea said the Governor General’s above statement is very true indeed.

However, he said MPs must be reminded that when we talk about the rule of law, “we are not just talking about rioting and those that are engaged in criminal activities.

“But we are also talking about ourselves (MPs). We know full well that no one is above the law. No one, including those of us who are privileged enough to sit in this August body to represent our people,” he said.

Kenilorea said the rule of law must be respected across the board by every single citizen of this country.

He said more work and commitment is needed to strengthen the anti-corruption framework.

Kenilorea said the anti-corruption needs further support to ensure that the framework is set up so that MPs, as leaders, are also held accountable to the people who put us in Parliament.

“We should never forget that the rule of law is the foundation of our nation. We should not point fingers at criminals when we ourselves might be involved in actions that are perceived to be corrupt, at the very least,” he said.

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