MWYCFA on child safety programme during PG23


UN Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG) Dr Najat Maalla M’jid says strengthening child safety and child protection during the upcoming Pacific Games in November 2023 has been highlighted during her visit this week.

M’jid echoed this yesterday during a press conference with the local media personals.

“The Pacific Games is strong moment to strengthen the child safety net because we know very well World Wide when you have a huge arrival of migrant workers or player of many persons outside the risk of violence against children mainly sexual exploitation, abuse and trafficking of children and women is high.

“Our discussions have also been centred around making sure that during the Pacific Games and beyond child protection and well-being will be taken into account,” she said.

M’jid said this upcoming game has to be a big moment for strong mobilisation of all sectors and partners on child safety and investing in child protection and well-being.

Aaron Pitaqae of Ministry of Women Youth Children and Family Affairs adds that last year the National Disaster Operations Committee (NDOC) was asked to draw up a plan in preparation for the Pacific Games.

Pitaqae said during the first meeting of the NDOC two issues that will be likely to be confronting during the games are highlighted.

“One is, the games will be held in a disaster time for us. November is rainy and cyclone season for Solomon Islands so that is very critical to us.

The second one is the to do with the risk that will be coming in because we will have a lot of people coming in and so, as committee that looks after children all the committees will be activated. And we have plans to try to minimise what is happening in November,” he said.

Pitaqae said speaking about the issues, funds have been allocated for the Ministry of carry out its advocacy on the risks that will likely to happen during the games.

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