MHMS continues to support malaria prevention


MINISTRY of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) continues to support malaria prevention programmes across the country by ensuring adequate supplies are available.

This was confirmed by Deputy Secretary Health Improvement, Ministry of Health and Medical Services Dr Nemia Bainivalu on behalf of the health ministry in a recent media conference.

Bainivalu said the effort made by the Ministry is to ensure adequate supplies of drugs and other medical equipment, such a rapid test kits, are available to treat patients diagnosed with malaria.

He adds, despite the Ministry’s ongoing initiatives on malaria prevention programme the general public are urged to help reduce the number of cases through, cleaning of surrounding to avoid mosquitoes breed in empty tins, plastics and drums lying around homes, to sleep under bed nets, ensure to complete malaria doses, present to health facilities to get early test and detection for malaria.

Bainivalu said the MHMS is also trying their very best at every opportunity during clinical care educate the public on risk factors and symptoms of malaria and also advised them on ways to prevent their transmission

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