SIPRA candidate George Atoa dispels misinformation circulating in East Malaita Province

Following the conclusion of the National Election on April 17th, 2024, Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement (SIPRA) candidate George Atoa, who secured the fourth position, has taken a proactive stance to address misinformation circulating in East Malaita Province.

Atoa, in a recent statement, addressed friends, family, and political supporters, expressing his concern over false rumors regarding his alleged involvement in a firearm-related incident and subsequent arrest, charges, and detention.

He vehemently denied these allegations, asserting that they were baseless fabrications propagated by political rivals in an attempt to damage his reputation.

Emphasizing his commitment to upholding the law and the values expected of a community leader, Atoa reassured the people of East Malaita that the allegations against him were entirely untrue.

Regarding a specific incident involving a roadblock on April 21st, Atoa clarified that it was an isolated occurrence organized by his supporters without his knowledge. He explained that he was away in Auki at the time and only became aware of the situation upon his return to East Malaita. With the assistance of the Police Response Team (PRT) and Provincial Police Commander Leslie Kili, Atoa stated that the issue was peacefully resolved through dialogue with his supporters.

Atoa concluded his statement by reaffirming his dedication to serving the community with integrity and transparency, urging the public to disregard the misinformation and focus on constructive engagement for the betterment of East Malaita Province.

By William Ekotani

Island sun stringer  

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