SIUP claims to join CARE on a mutual basis”


THE Unity Party (UP) has officially teamed up with the Coalition for Advancement Reform and Empowerment (CARE) in a strategic move aimed at gaining more political power.

According to the Party executive, the decision highlights the importance of forming alliances to make meaningful changes in forming government. The UP’s leadership made it clear that joining CARE was a carefully considered step, showing their commitment to working together to achieve shared goals.

By joining CARE, the UP aims to strengthen its position and influence in supporting the formation of a potential government. The decision was made after careful evaluation of the current political landscape, and the UP leadership is confident that this partnership will lead to positive outcomes for the country. This move underscores the significance of collaboration in shaping the direction of governance.

When queried by Island Sun over the weekend, the executive said, “Its simple. A change in government requires numbers. In order to achieve that, Joining CARE was the expectation the country had about UP, in terms of the numbers and so a pact was made. In relation to giving CARE the upper hand at forming the government, the UP executive made the decision to join CARE with their eyes wide open and without any regrets.”

According to the executive, UP’s alignment with CARE marks a significant development in the political scene, with implications for future policy-making and decision-making processes.

As the partnership unfolds, observers will be watching closely to see how this alliance shapes the course leading up to the election of the Prime Minister (PM) after candidacy nominations are put forward.

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