Former ADF personnel jailed


A former Australian Defence Force personnel has been jailed for four months.

Everlyn Tina Dunton pleaded guilty to one count of Grievous Bodily Harm.

The incident took place at the Yacht Club on October 12, 2022.

Ms Dunton, 42, received four months after court suspended 18 months off the initial 22 months sentence.

She is originally a Solomon Islander but got married to an Australian and now holds an Australian passport.

The complainant is Dunton’s aunty, and prior to the offending Dunton was not happy with the complainant and her family.

Principal Magistrate Felix Hollison in his decision explained that according to the evidence the complainant sustained injuries to her face and head, and was admitted at the National Referral Hospital for around three weeks for observation and supportive care including physiotherapy.

Whilst at the National Referral Hospital, a medical examination was conducted, including CT scan which shows bleeding on the left side of her brain due to trauma to the head, which is life threatening.

“The complainant could have died from this incident,” Hollison said.

After assessing and balancing the core principles of sentencing such as punishment, deterrence and rehabilitation, Hollison sentenced the defendant to 22 months imprisonment for one count of grievous bodily harm contrary to section 226 of the Penal Code.

However, after considering the submissions and mitigation, he suspended 18 months of the total sentence (22 months’ imprisonment). This means Dunton must serve the balance of the total sentence which is four months.

“I refuse to suspend the entire sentence due to the severity of the offence and I am making sure she is incarcerated. Upon her release, the defendant is required to keep the peace and be of good behaviour for the next two years. If she commits any other offence in this jurisdiction within the next two years, she shall be required to serve the suspended portion of the sentence,” Hollison said.

The incident occurred on October 12, 2022; the complainant went to the Point Cruz Yacht Club in Honiara for the Wednesday Night Weekly draw.

At the Yacht Club, the complainant saw the defendant with another woman. The defendant bought beers and took them to the complainant at the table where she was sitting, later on, the defendant with another woman went for a dance. The complainant seeing the two dancing on the dance joined them for a dance.

It was at that time the incident took place.

The court said the defendant grabbed the complainant’s shirt and dragged her to the table next to where she and the other woman were sitting, and swung the complainant with force under the table to the cement floor.

The complainant’s head hit hard on the cement floor and she became unconscious.

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