Mbokonavera residents jabbed

A resident taking her first shoot/Jab during the day, while crowd waiting for vaccination. Photo; Raymond Hulanga. Date: 10/02/22.
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Mbokonavera 4 residents in Honiara have received their vaccination on Thursday.

The vaccination rollout program was organized between the MB4 community task force committee and the Health promotion department of the Ministry of Health and Medical services (MHMS).

There were a lot of residents and other surrounding communities who came in came numbers to get their jabs (Nila).

Amongst those who took their vaccines were children from 12 years old – 17 years old, Pregnant women, adults and even the elderly.

Some took the opportunity to take their first dose, while others came for their second jab. However, some of them even came for their booster dose or the third dose of the Vaccine.

Vice- Chairman of the task force committee and also community elder, Walter Kouto said the vaccination rollout was a successful one after there were some consultations and arrangements done by the MB4 community committee and the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) at his closing remarks.

“I really want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the Ministry of Health, and his team for responding to our call for vaccination in our community,” he said.

He also encourages and urges other surrounding communities to do similar arrangements and consultations as they (MB4 Committee) have done.

“It is easy and simple. I encourage other communities; please do proper consultations and arrangements with the ministry of Health & Medical services for vaccination in your communities.

“Please arrange and consult on how your community should apply all Health safety measures, and they will respond to your call for vaccination in your homes,” Kouto added.

On behalf of the community the Chairman also thank members of the community for their contributions, cooperation and good behavior shown during the day to support Health staffs and officers to perform their duty to vaccinate their people without any disturbances and unlawful activities.

“I acknowledge members of the community and the public for your patience, good behavior and cooperation shown during the vaccination period. It is very important to allow everyone in our community to get vaccinate. This is to protect our community, families and loved ones, and even our country as a whole,” the elder stressed.

Meanwhile, Mbokonavera 4 community compromises of 3 Zones respectively, and is one of the big communities in Vavaya ward in central Honiara and Honiara City Council (HCC).


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