COVID cases in East Are’Are stable

Director of Malaita Health, Dr Rex Maukera.
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CHAIRMAN of the Emergency Operation Centre Malaita, Dr Rex Maukera said cases of COVID-19 in east Areare are stable despite the presence of the virus in certain communities within the constituency.

In an interview this week, Dr Maukera said a health team is on the ground and they will continue to liaise with the EOC at Kilu’ufi hospital in Auki on the situation there.

Maukera said since this week no cases of severity were reported on cases in the constituency, thus cases are mild and they continue to be monitored, although it is challenging.

He said the team continues to provide support to the communities, especially on covid-19 safety measures required to be taken to stop the further spread of the virus to other communities.

Maukera also uttered similar statement for other parts of the province that were affected by the virus as they continue to liaise and monitor their situations as well.

He said that generally there are stable condition for cases across the province, although a very few cases are reported with severe status so far.

Dr Maukera also said recovery of positive cases continues to be reported for the province despite a surge of cases reported for Malaita province.

He said the provincial health team continues to support and liaise with communities in the province and ask everyone’s support, especially to adhere to covid-19 measures during this situation.