West to scout for health workers

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PREMIER of Western Province says his government is looking at possibilities to employ retired and newly graduate nurses to fill the shortage of manpower.

Speaking to the media this week, Premier Christian Burley Mesepitu said consultation is underway with the Western Health and Medical team to see the plan executed.

“As we are experiencing shortage of nurses, my government is willing to employ any retired nurses as well as newly graduated nurses,” he said.

Mesepitu also said that there is a possible longer period lockdown to allow the health team to carry out province-wide contact tracing and swabbing in communities.

He said the lockdown will be announced as soon as formalities are done according to law.

“I want to give this piece of information in advance so that people can stock up needed foods and other needs ahead of the lockdown,” Mesepitu said.

He said there will be no inter-island travels and the general public are urged to remain in their homes.

Mesepitu calls on people doing nothing at the urban centers especially Noro, Munda and Gizo to return to their respective communities before any hard lockdown is enforced.

“I urge our good people who have nothing important to do in our urban centers to return home. This is important as it will address overcrowding in homes and more importantly help families to ration food supplies during this challenging time,” he said.