Malaita’s new gov’t to meet over direction for next 4 months


THE new Malaita Provincial government led by Premier Martin Fini, will meet in Auki this week, to discuss their policy direction for the four remaining months in office.

This came after people of Malaita are waiting to hear the policy direction of the new government since coming into power last week.

The MARA government led by Daniel Suidani in the last three years, was ousted in a motion of no confidence on the 7th February.

Suidani’s team has boycotted the meeting and also the election of the new Premier last Friday because of pending application before the High Court.

His government was known for standing up democracy after the National Government switched diplomatic ties to China in 2019.

As a result, MARA responded with a policy to block any Chinese investments on Malaita.

However, new Premier Fini told Island Sun in an exclusive interview that his team will need to meet to discuss the issues of China.

He said there will be consultation done with the people also before his government can make any official stand on China.

Furthermore, Fini believes due to short timeframe, there is likelihood of his team not coming up with a new policy.

He said they might look to adopt some priorities of the MARA government’s policy which benefit the people of Malaita.

“Policy is just a guidance, but the implementation is very important,” he added.

The rest of his team will take their ministerial oaths today before resuming their official duties.

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