Malaita-Jiangsu sister relationship is for mutual benefit: Premier Fini



PREMIER of Malaita province, Martin Fini says the proposed sister-relationship between Malaita province and Jiangsu province in China is for the mutual benefit of both provinces.

The premier said this in his address on the floor of assembly on Monday this week.

 He adds that the MOU for this relationship will not be concealed as rumours claim.

“I would like to state that my government will not hide the content of the MOU between Malaita and Jiangsu province, as it based on genuine need and friendship of Malaitans and Jiangsu province of China.”

He said the MOU has gone through consultations with various government agencies such as MFAET, MPGIS, PRC, MPG executive and MPG’s HoDs for inputs.

Fini said the outcome was a carefully crafted sister-relationship between Malaita and Jiangsu based on mutual respect, tolerance, understanding, resource-sharing, knowledge, skills, technologies and learning.

Below are the fabrics for the establishment of the sister relationship;

  • Establish trade sister relationship on commodities such as coconut, cocoa, beche-der-mer, fish and other commercial commodities. Through the sister relationship, farmers, fishermen and women can export their commodities to Jiangsu province.
  • Establishment of scientific institutions where Jiangsu scientist can share their knowledge in improving current commodities to improve its yielding capacity to increase production.
  • To provide training on agriculture production lines, skills and knowledge transfer on agriculture and fisheries. My government will negotiate with Jiangsu province to establish a scientific agriculture and fisheries with a Malaita Institute so that training can be provided in the institution.
  • To support Malaita with appropriate technology in areas of production, agriculture, fisheries, factory development, downstream processing and packaging.
  • To support Malaita in infrastructure development such as factory establishment, equipment, telecommunication, and other infrastructures supporting growth.
  • To financially support Malaita in form of grant for the four sister relationship projects.  

According to premier Fini, the MOU is an important platform that will create meaningful engagement between the two provinces.

He explained that the sister relationship was designed to get Malaita out of its economic miseries by providing an equal platform of engagement based on mutual respects in providing the needs of each other.

Fini furthered that it was not design to exploit the good relationship between the two provinces, but to help each other to grow and prosperous under the relationship.

Moreover, he said for the purpose of establishing the MOU, his government operates within the frame of the Provincial Government act, especially section 29/30.

Fini also clarified that major infrastructure, forestry, mining or acquisition of land is not our responsibility to deal with, mean it’s not in the interest of the MOU.

He said the MOU is limited to a sister relationship as defined by the PG act.

“My government will respect the Malaita people and will do things within the frame of what is best for them.

“My government cannot put Malaita at risk. Our aim, purpose and intention are to create a stable environment where peace and trust exists for positive development for all Malaitans,” Fini said.

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