Resolution reached with landowners as mining company resumes operation


After a three-week hiatus in its alluvial mining operations in Turarana, Central Guadalcanal, Win Win Mining Investment Company Ltd has successfully resumed activities following a dispute with local landowners.

The suspension was prompted by landowners’ roadblocks and their demand for compensation due to noise pollution resulting from the mining operation.

A significant breakthrough was achieved on Wednesday, November 8, 2023, as Win Win Mining and the landowners came to an agreement at the Henderson Police Station.

This resolution represents a positive step towards mending the working relationship between the mining company and the local community.

As a goodwill gesture subsequent to the dispute resolution, Win Win Mining made a substantial payment of $350,000 to the landowners, which they will distribute among their families.

This compensation serves as a recognition of the landowners’ understanding and willingness to resolve the standoff.

Charles Meke, one of the local directors at Win Win, expressed his gratitude to the landowners for their cooperation in finding a mutually beneficial solution.

He underscored the Turarana mining project’s significance, comparing it to major mining operations such as Gold Ridge and others in Isabel Province.

Meke highlighted the project’s crucial role in contributing to the national economy through gold production.

Meke further clarified that the company operates within the noise level limits of 70, as prescribed by Environmental law.

He noted that if the mining operation exceeds this noise threshold, the Ministry of Environment has the authority to halt the operation.

Additionally, Meke expressed his hope that similar disputes would not arise in the future.

He reassured the landowners of Win Win Mining’s commitment to working collaboratively to ensure the smooth operation of the mining project.

Chief Michael Kelly, a traditional chief of the Turarana Cultural Centre in Central Guadalcanal, extended his gratitude to Win Win Mining for the goodwill payment.

He specified that the money would be distributed among the families based on an established list.

With the successful resolution of the dispute, the Criminal Investigation Department has chosen to temporarily suspend the case.

This decision allows for the resumption of mining operations and the cultivation of a more harmonious relationship between the company and the local landowners.

The parties involved are now working towards a more cooperative and productive future for the mining project in Turarana.

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