Malaita disqualified again from PCDF


MALAITA province has once again disqualified for the PCDF programme this financial year 2023/2024.

As a consequence the $10 million capital expenditure under its original budget will be reduced to $2million.

This means Malaita’s government (MPG) will not able to implement about 30 of its approved projects for this financial year 2023/2024.

The disqualification is a put-down on rural communities which have been looking forward to projects earmarked for them.

Announcing the disqualification on Monday this week Minister for Finance and Treasury under MPG, Randol Sifoni said, “Malaita provincial government has again disqualified for the second time.”    

He said that the disqualification has “dramatically affected our budget to reduce to $2,106,683 from the original budget of $10,898,087”.

“I would like to highlight that for this year 2023/2024 financial year, I am indeed sad to say that all our planned expenditure could not eventuate due to our PCDF disqualification.

“We have not met three minimum conditions including PAC non-scrutiny of 2020/2021 audit report within 21 days after MPG had received the audit opinion, procurement and non-full payment of outstanding ward funded projects from 2019/2020 to 2022/2023.

“PCDF assessments are usually done on prior year’s operations.

“In terms of procurement, seven provinces have disqualified on this MC due to processing payments of laptops from SIG preferred supplies but use three quotations instead.

“MPG has already rectified this issue for the next assessment,” Sifoni said.

Premier Martin Fini said a critical component of his government is strengthening the governance of the provincial government.

“This includes, the management of PCDF and following the requirements of assessments, improving the procurement and compliance system.

“Reduce auditor issues, managing and respecting financial processes and procedures, responding to timely reporting and improving capability to deliver services in coordinated manner,” he said.

Fini however assured confidence that his government is putting in efforts to strengthen the governance system of the province.

“We are focusing on improving Malaita province PCDF performances to improve on our failures.

“My government is taking actions in ensuring financial management procedures are met, weakness in procurement processes are strengthened and all procedural governance system from planning to implementation are followed and adhered,” he said.

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