Mala non-executive says Compo demand is subject to negotiation.

Malaita provincial member for ward 13 Danny Mana Siau.
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MALAITA Province non-executive members claimed the $160,000 and 16 shell money compensation they are demanding from the province is not final and is subject to negotiation.

This came after the Malaita public accused members of the non-executive on social media of doing fundraising ahead of the Full Assembly meeting in Auki this month.

One of the top agenda of the meeting is to pass the budget.

In November last year, the non-executive members boycotted the revised budget meeting after they were let down during the failed motion of no confidence.

MPA for ward 13 (Sulufou/Kwarade), Danny Mana Siau said the reconciliation is an in-house matter with the Malaita Executive.

He said the compensation claim is an alternative suggested to Deputy Secretary by Asilau following the trauma and near death experience the non executive members faced during the failed motion of no confidence last year.

“We are using the DS to mediate between us and the Premier.

“However, it is insulting to us when the Premier go out to the media to reveal the compensation demand,” he said.

However, an outspoken Malaitan community leader has described as “stupid” claims for monetary compensation by non-executive Members of the Malaita Provincial Assembly (MPAs).

Charles Karaori was commenting on news reports that the Opposition MPAs of the Malaita Provincial Assembly are seeking $160, 000 and 16 shell money as compensation from Premier Suidani and his MARA government.

“The claims are stupid,” he said.

“This is simply a fundraising drive because the MPAs seeking the compensation are all living in Honiara. They should all go home to be with the people in the WARDS they represent.

“As a Malaitan, I am ashamed.

“These MPAs have turned Malaita into a laughing stock.

“They are no different from the looters who destroyed shops and buildings in Honiara last November for no good reason at all,” Karaori said.