Life slowly going back to normal in Noro

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LIFE is slowly going back to normal in Noro after the lockdown last week.

Churches are now open and transports have resumed services. 

Chairperson of Noro COVID-19 Oversight Committee Robert Hickie said churches must strictly observe COVID-19 protocols as per guidelines authorized by the National Oversight Committee.

He said official exemplary approval from the National OSC has been distributed to all the Churches within Noro over the weekend.

Hickie said public transport temporary business hours are from 6 am to 6 pm adding transport providers must observe required protocols.

“This is to allow the committee to review the internal curfew currently enforced for all the emergency zones.

“If there is an instruction to lift the curfew then we will be allowing all the public transport services back to the normal business hours,” he said.

Hickie said his committee will discuss possibilities to allow small business activities the opportunity to resume operations.

He said business activities under discussion include second-hand clothing, selling of cooked foods, and bus service from Noro to Munda.

“Small business activities such as second-hand clothing, and others will resume back soon.

“Health Environment Division office here at Noro will soon announce the new setup on how cooked foods should be prepared and sold at the new market facility. 

“This is to get tough on hygiene requirements and a safe place to sell your cooking. As soon as we receive feedback from the authorities then we will let you know.

“Noro – Munda bus service to resume back shortly,” Hickie said.

He said public announcement will be made about the changes.