Honiara improves, COVID spreads in provinces

The roundabout at the Honiara City Council
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HONIARA has improved its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic while it is increasing its foothold in the provinces, according to the Secretary to Prime Minister, Dr. Jimmie Rodgers.

 Dr. Rodgers echoed this yesterday over a talkback show on the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation in Honiara.

“In many of the provinces the cases are still going up and so they are on the containment and mitigation phase to try and control the increases in the provinces.

So, the situation of covid-19 in the country is mixed. In the main center we have got on top of the first wave,” he said.

He clarified describing it as the first wave and it is very important members of the public understand how they must ensure the virus transmission in Honiara remains low.

“We have reversed the trend of COVID-19 within the Honiara Emergency zone. The trend of COVID-19 infection has gone down to the extent whereby the National Referral Hospital, the Ministry of Health and Medical is now in a position to deploy people to help the provinces,” he said.

Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Health and Medical Services Pauline McNeil said based on the country’s epidemiological data available, the virus is still transmitted around in isolated pockets in communities with an increase of cases recorded in most provinces.

McNeil said that the Health Ministry in its current response to covid-19 is focused on ensuring that provincial hospitals are supported including the Area Health Centres and rural health clinics to increase their capacities and capabilities to manage covid-19 severe and critical cases.