Lawyer stuck in Lata, case adjourned

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COURT had to adjourn a case yesterday because the defence lawyer was reportedly stuck in Lata, Temotu province, due to flight cancellation.

The accused is facing three criminal charges of grievous harm, malicious damage and intimidation.

Rodney Manebosa of the Public Solicitor’s Office told the court that his colleague lawyer Bobby Harunari who represents the accused, Jack Sitea, is currently in Lata.

He was supposed to have arrived back in Honiara on Saturday last week but due to the flight cancellation, he was not able to appear in court.

Mr Harunari was in Lata for the court circuit the last two weeks.

Meanwhile Police Prosecutor Henry Oneone informed the court that the prosecutor in carriage of the case is also currently in Marau for court circuit.

Mr Oneone said he has no instruction to assist the court on the status of the case and sought an adjournment.

Magistrate Ishmael Kekou adjourned the case to August 20 for the pre-trial conference.

The accused is charged in relation to an incident in Honiara this year.