SINU student teacher faces warrant of arrest

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A Solomon Islands National University student teacher facing one count of house break-in has breached court orders and travelled to Malaita last Friday to do his practical in one of the schools there.

Principal Magistrate Fatimah Taeburi on Monday this week issued a warrant of arrest against the accused, Bobby Osborn Maelisia, and ordered forfeiture of his cash bail of $1000.

Ms Taeburi said the accused has intentionally breached the court orders and this is serious.

The accused did know that his trial will start today and yet ignored court orders and left for Malaita on Friday, Taeburi said.

Taeburi also made orders for the father of the accused to pay a Principal bail of $1000 by August 12, 2019 failure to abide by the court order will result in forwarding the case to the High Court for contempt of court.

This is because the father of the accused is the surety of the accused and it is his duty to make sure his son appears for his court appearances while on bail and before he was bailed there was certain condition imposed for the accused and the surety to comply with.

Leaving without court’s approval is serious and people must take heed of such orders, Ms Taeburi said.

Mr Maelisia is alleged of house-break-in in relation to an incident on September 19, 2016 at the Kolaridge area.

Meanwhile, Taeburi also summoned the office Manager of the Public Solicitor’s Office to appear in court today to explain where and when the lawyers from PSO are back in their office as the Defence lawyer for the accused was also not turn up in court on Wednesday.