Lata Fish vendors call for proper market

LOCAL fish vendors in Lata are suggesting the Temotu Provincial Government and its Fisheries department provide a proper fish marketing facility.

The call was made as fish vendors feel that the present selling area is a risk as it is part of the Lata wharf and a cause for disturbance when ships conduct loading and unloading on the wharf.

The other two buildings that were already built are used for marketing were mainly market vendors selling, cooked foods, vegetables, root crops and other varities are using.

This has been a great concern from fishermen around santa cruz island and the outer islands.

 Mary, a fish vendor from a village near Lata town argued that it has been an unresolved problem which the Temotu provincial government (TPG) should put to consider.

Andy a representave from Neo fish vendors suggests that, “ if the Temotu Provincial Government (TPG) looks at our interests they would provide funds to construct a proper permanent concrete slab and roofing to shelter us fish vendors who are providing business at the Lata fish market”.  

“Those fish vendors use canvas layed on the ground to do their selling which is not really good enough.

So many times they have to slash prices just to get rid of their catch, beacuse therer is no proper storage facilities for them to store their catch. This is a major challenge faced by Temotu fishermen.

A fisherman from Neo adds that “Lata Market its just like an additional home to us;this is our second home and the only place for us fish vendors, this is where we generate our daily income for the survival of our families”.

Most of the fisherman are from Nende island and some from nearby islands, who fish as far close to the Reef island with most around Tinakula fishing grounds.

Fishermen from Neo usually set out to fish very early in the morning about 4:00am and came back to sell their catch at lata market around 3:00pm. They spend the whole day at sea.

By, Frankford Yoki

SINU Journalism Student

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